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Sales and Service of Quality computing services since 1993


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                             Weekdays  ..... 8:00 to 6:00

                             Saturdays  ..... 9:00 to 4:00

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BIG News!!!!

ComputAbility Voted #1 in Computer Service Category

ComputAbility customers in the Flamborough Review readership area have voted ComputAbility the #1 Computer Repair Shop in the area. ComputAbility was also given the Reader's Choice Gold Award as Best Computer Store! We are proud to have provided Flamborough and surrounding area top quality computer sales and repair service for the past 20 Years and will prominently display our 2013 Reader's Choice Awards!

One-by-One Beverage Products

 ComputAbility is now hosting One-by-One Beverage Products!  

We have 400+ varieties of single-serving K-Cups®, Tassimo® coffee pods, and Nespresso® compatible pods starting at just 66¢ per serving. Among our offerings are Organically grown coffees, Fair Trade, and Certified Rain Forest coffees. We have a large variety of Decaffinated and Swiss Water Decaffinated beverages. 

Enjoy Coffee, Tea, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Ciders, flavoured coffees and Iced Drinks.

Come in and buy a single cup to try without having to buy a box of 12, 18 or 24.

Join our Rewards Program and you will be drinking your favourite beverage for free in no time! Visit our Facebook page: onebyonebeverageproducts or website www.onebyonebeverageproducts.com

Now On Sale: Cafejo Coffees & Teas for just $25.00 per box of 50!

Save 22¢ per cup on selected Brew-Over-Ice items: reg 88¢ for 66¢

And, of course, Great Service and Deals on Computer Products Every Day! 

 Have you heard about the latest Scareware? A pop-up appears on your computer screen advising you that you have been caught looking at Pornography and for a small Fine, payable to the RCMP, CSIS, FBI or Interpol, you will be exonorated. Do not pay this. It is a scam. A fraud artist in South America received $7.5 Million in wire transfers on one recent weekend! Bring your PC or Laptop in for a Malware checkup and we will remove the Malware. While we are doing so, we will clean out the dust-bunnies, give it a visual inspection for problems & give it a Tune-up. 

Get a FREE USB Flash Drive when you purchase any New or Off-Lease Laptop or Desktop PC using Interac or Cash.

All Refurbished Laptops and Desktops have Windows 7 loaded & include Licenses.

ComputAbility is now an OES Approved Electronic Waste Collection Site. Recycle your un-needed Electronics coveniently, year-round. Protect our environment. Over 20,000 lbs. of electronics recycled so far!!!  www.recycleyourelectronics.ca

ComputAbility has joined the InkJetSalesTM Team!

Now offering Renew Ink Cartridges for use in Brother, CANON, Epson, HP and Lexmark InkJet Printers. Keep spent cartridges out the landfills and save $$$ in the process! These cartridges are 100% Guaranteed!

We repair all makes of Laptops, Desktops, Cell Phones, iPods, iPads and Tablets.

IBM Compatibles by ComputAbility are built with ASUS Motherboards, Intel Processors and other carefully sourced parts from reputable suppliers. We will not compromise quality to save a few dollars. There are many opportunities for low cost, "good deals", but ultimately, this is paid for with short component life, poor performance, and poor service.

Since 1993, ComputAbility has supplied the best quality & value available, service backed up by our manufacturing facilities & excellent prices.


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